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7 Ultra-ish marathons in 7 days on the Isle of Man, midway between the UK and Ireland, finishing with the mud strewn Toughmann Challenge, a 10km trail race with 25 obstacles and over 1,000ft of ascent!


No medals, no crowds, just running. 'Just Running' was a 205km Ultra Marathon around the county of my birth, using the Saxon Shore Way and North Downs Way to navigate a circular route around highlands and ancient coast.


Vegan Post Workout Recovery Shake. Full of anti inflammatories and a healthy mix of so-called 'Superfoods' this is my go-to drink if I need to re-hydrate, re-energise and ensure I'm on top of any possible inflammations.


This recipe is for a drink I have every morning, before breakfast, alongside a pint of water. You can google the healing powers of the ingredients but beware, you'll be at it a long time as there are so many benefits to consuming these!

14 in 14 CHALLENGE

Recently I ran 14 marathons in 14 consecutive days in Toronto. A few friends asked me what it felt like to complete the task so I wrote down some thoughts on the why's and how's of the challenge.

7 in 7 TORONTO

I left this project open ended; I’d run a marathon every day with no fixed goal in sight and see where the experience led me. Maybe to the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon, just over 3 weeks away from my start date, or perhaps elsewhere...


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